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Power Solutions


We have been adding value to the best engineered brands since 1939.


DIMO’s partners with the leading manufacturers of products and systems engineered to take on the most demanding conditions day after day in the energy sector. And with a world-class service behind us, complete support is always there, 24/7.  We offer solutions and services that help you avoid expensive power interruptions, equipment breakdowns and start-up costs.

The products that are offered by DIMO are given in the table below.

Product Make
Oil immersed power transformers Siemens
Dry Type Transformers Siemens
Air Insulated Indoor Switchgear (AIS) Siemens
Gas Insulated Indoor Switchgears (GIS) Siemens
Ring Main Units (RMU) Siemens
Compact Substations Siemens
Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers (OVCB) Siemens
Current & Potential Transformers Siemens
Off-Load Isolators Siemens
Surge Arresters Siemens
HV and MV cables BATT and KEI
Protection relays Siemens and RAYROLLE
Wind Turbines Siemens

Gas  turbines ( 50 MW) and Steam  turbines (≤ 250 MW)