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Fluid Management


We have been adding value to the best engineered brands since 1939.

Water Treatment Solutions

From waste water transport and treatment through to disposal, KSB products operate with complete reliability. Our experience with KSB products in waste water engineering ensures smooth process flows in industrial, municipal and domestic waste water transport. Pumps, valves and systems from KSB also provide safety in flood control.



KWP water and water treatment in Sri lanka Horizontal, radially split, single-stage volute casing pump in back pull-out or close-coupled design, single entry, available with various impeller types. Pre-treated sewage, waste water, all types of slurries without stringy substances and pulps up to 5 % bone dry in the chemical and process industries, food and beverages industry, paper and cellulose industries, flue gas desulphurization and coal upgrading plants and industrial effluent treatment systems.
Sewatec water and water treatment in Sri lanka Horizontally or vertically mounted volute casing pump, also available in close-coupled design with flange-mounted standardized motor. For handling untreated sewage and all types of waste water in sewage treatment and industry.
AMA DRAINER water and water treatment in Sri lanka Fully floodable, vertical, close-coupled single-stage submersible motor pumps, IP 68, with or without level control, for a maximum immersion depth of 10 m. Automatic drainage of sumps, pits, yards and basements subject to a flooding risk, lowering of surface water levels, drainage of underground passages, water extraction from rivers and reservoirs.
AMA PORTER Floodable, vertical, single-stage submersible waste water pump made of cast iron, pumping all kinds of waste water and sewage. Waste water containing solid matters or domestic sewage, surface water drainage, drainage of sumps.
AMAREX-N Amarex N pumps are submersible single-stage, single-entry close-coupled units. They can bedelivered with free flow impellers (F), or with open, diagonal single vane impellers (D). Waste water / sewage, waste water containing long fibres and solid substances as well as fluids containing gas/air; raw, activated and digested sludge; drainage /water extraction and drain-age.
AMAREX-KRT Vertical, single-stage, close- coupled submersible motor pump with various impeller types, for wet-well or floodable dry installation, stationary or transportable design. Pumping all kinds of waste water in waste water management and industrial plants, in particular untreated sewage with long-fibre and solid substances, air- and gas-containing fluids, as well as raw, activated and digested sludge.
AMACAN K Submersible motor pump for installation in discharge tubes with channel-type impeller. Storm water pumps for flood protection, water pollution control and industrial refuse tipeffluents, for pumping all pre-screened or pre-settled media not liable to twist.
AMACAN P Submersible motor pump with axial propeller. Irrigation and drainage pumping stations, stormwater pumping stations, raw and clean waterpumps in water works and in sewage treatment plants, cooling water pumps in powerstations, and industry, industrial water supply and flood control, aquaculture.
AMACAN S Submersible Motor Pump with Mixed Flow Impeller (50 Hz Standard range). Irrigation and drainage pumping stations, storm water pumping stations, raw and clean water pumps in water works, cooling water pumps in power stations, and industry, industrial water supply and flood control, dock and sluice pumps, aquaculture.
AMAjet Cleaning System Tank and Retention Chamber * ( 50 Hz Standard Programme). The Amajet System can, in principle, be used wherever there is a need for economical cleaning of tanks and storage chambers in sewage plant.
AMAline Submersible motor recirculation pump with ECB propeller ( 50 Hz )Recirculation of activated sludge from nitrification stages into denitrification stages of aeration tanks. Economic pumping of storm, river and surface water at low heads and inland reclamation. Creation of flow in impounded water, e. g. leisure parks.
AMAmix water and water treatment in Sri lanka Submersible motor driven mixer. In environmental engineering for the treatment of municipal and industrial sewage/wastewater/effluents and sludge. For mixing, homogenizing and thickening, in sludge storage tanks, during the thickening process, in the sludge dewatering process, to optimise heat transfer, for the cleaning of pump sumps, to prevent formation of deposits on tank walls and floor, to remove floating sludge.
AMAprop NEU Submersible mixer. In environmental engineering, especially for the treatment of municipal sewage and industrial effluents as well as sludges. For circulation, suspension and flow generation:in activating tanks, in nitrification and denitrificaton, in biological phosphateelimination, in flocculation.