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Fluid Management


We have been adding value to the best engineered brands since 1939.

Building Services Solutions

In building services, KSB's comprehensive solutions make for reliable and highly efficient air-conditioning, heating and ventilation, water supply, pressure boosting, drainage, heating and much more. Whatever your building services needs, our high-tech pumps and valves are as economic as they come. Every product is backed by the wealth of skills KSB puts into intelligent all-round systems.

DIMO Fluid Management Systems are employed in the following Building Services


  • Fully  automated  pressure boosting
  • Water transportation
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Drinking, raw and service water supply
  • Lowering and maintaining groundwater levels
  • Dewatering  during  construction phase
  • Fire-fighting applications
  • Swimming pools
  • Chilled  water  pumps


HVAC applications of pumps, valves and systems from KSB cover the following areas:

  •   Heating
  •   Air-conditioning
  •   Ventilation
  •   District heating
  •   Steam and hot water
MOVITEC Multi-stage, vertical high-pressure centrifugal pumps, with in-line suction and discharge nozzles. General water supply, sprinkling, irrigation and pressure boosting duties, for warm water, hot water and cooling water recirculation, and condensate transport. They are installed in boiler feed circuits, domestic water supply systems, washing plants, water treatment and filter systems and fire fighting.
HYAMAT Pressure Boosting Units Residential Buildings, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Hotels, Department Stalls, Industry etc.
AMA DRAINER Fully floodable, vertical, close-coupled single-stage submersible motor pumps, IP 68, with or without level control, for a maximum immersion depth of 10 m. Automatic drainage of sumps, pits, yards and basements subject to a flooding risk, lowering of surface water levels, drainage of underground passages, water extraction from rivers and reservoirs.
AMA PORTER Floodable, vertical, single-stage submersible waste water pump made of cast iron, pumping all kinds of waste water and sewage. Waste water containing solid matters or domestic sewage, surface water drainage, drainage of sumps.