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Total Tyre Solutions


We have been adding value to the best engineered brands since 1939.

Earth Movers & Off the Road Tyres


MRF Earth Mover and Off Road Tyres are uniquely designed to suit industrial needs. Different thread patterns to suit different industrial applications are available.

MRF Sand Grip Features
  • Double chevron block design
  • Wide tread width and large ground contact area
  • Flexible sidewall and wide cross-section
  • Weather resistant tread and sidewall compound


  • Excellent traction on surface and tracks
  • Yield reduced ground contact pressure
  • High floatation on yielding soil and aids traction with minimum soil disturbance
  • Withstands extreme climatic conditions
MRF Musclerok   Features
  • Double chevron non-directional tread design
  • Tread reinforcing bar
  • Heavy buttressed lugs
  • Tough cut-resistant tread compound
  • Heat resistant undertread
  • Heavy sidewall construction
  • Rugged nylon construction


  • Excellent pulling power in forward and reverse
  • To strengthen and stablize tread
  • Improved tread life and traction
  • Resistance to cuts, chips and abrasions
  • Cooler running and prevents tread separation
  • Protection from sidewall damage
  • Strength and bruise resistant