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Mounted Heavy Duty offset Disc Harrow (8x8)


Benefits/ Application:
•    To air the soil and to eliminate the weeds.
•    For breaking the roots.
•    Used in open field work for superficial ploughing, for the shattering of clods, preparation of soil for sowing and burial for organic substances.
•    It is designed to work in extreme conditions.
•    The angle can be easily adjustable.
•    It can be used in both forms i.e. mounted as well as trailed.

•    Its heavy duty frame and heavy weight helps to break the clods.
•    High quality steel discs.
•    Tillage depth of the harrow is 6 inches.
•    Easy maintenance.
•    Easily transportable as it can be easily attached and mounted.


No. of Discs 16
Frame Heavy duty box frame
Gang bolt Central Square solid bar with split    gangs
Height 1170 mm with 560 mm Disc
1220 mm with 610 mm Disc
Distance between Disks (mm) 225
Mounting CAT n V II (Optional)
Disk Diameter (mm) 560/ 610 (Optional)
Type of Discs Notched on Front and Plain in Rear
Bearing Hubs 6
Width of Cut (mm) 1818 n 1843
Power Required (HP) 45 - 50