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We have been adding value to the best engineered brands since 1939.

Mahindra Tractors



Mahindra Yuvo

 The new age Mahindra YUVO is a 45 HP tractor that opens doors to new possibilities in farming. Its advanced technology comprising of a powerful 4 cylinder engine, transmission with all new features and advanced hydraulics ensures that it always does more, faster and better. Mahindra YUVO 575 DI is packed with many best-in-class features like more back-up torque, 12F+3R gears, highest lift capacity, adjustable deluxe seat, powerful wrap-around clear lens headlamps etc. which stands it apart from the rest. It can perform more than 30 different applications, ensuring that whatever be the need there is a YUVO for it.

The tractor today has the style of tomorrow 

Driver seat

Flat platform

2 speed PTO

Enhanced engine cooling

12F + 3R Gears

Advanced Control Valve

Modern constant mesh transmission

Powerful engine

Bigger air cleaner and radiator


Mahindra 575 NBP DI

NBP – 575 DI Overview

This particular line of tractors is tough, economical and reliable. They are designed to perform multiple tasks with ease. The complete equipment package includes a high performance engine, heavy-duty transmission and rugged three point linkages to facilitate extreme reliability and performance. They perform efficiently with ploughs, cultivators, rotavators and sprayers. With 8-forward speeds and a maximum road speed of 30 kilometers per hour, these tractors are even suitable for road operations.

Mahindra 575 NST DI
NST – 575DI Overview

This model of tractor is one of the sturdiest and heaviest in their category. At the same time they are easy to operate and display impressive power. It includes a complete package with a large capacity engine, heavy-duty transmission, high lift capacity hydraulics and a very robust cast iron chassis. These machines are perfectly suited for all kinds of farming operations ranging from basic chores to commercial landscaping.

Mahindra International Operations

At the time of purchase, a complete Farmer Kit/Tool Kit is gifted free of charge which is ideal for maintenance of our range of agri-machinery. We also offer three free services at the completion of 250, 500 and 750 meter hours in comparison to other companies that offer only a single free service.