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CLAAS PADDY PANTHER 14 - Walk-behind paddy transplanter.


The PADDY PANTHER 14 from CLAAS will help farmers with the growing labor shortage and costs while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency and yield.


PADDY PANTHER 14. The benefits.


1.       2 persons can use it for average 3-4 acre/day

2.       10-15% more yield than manual transplantation

3.       20% less water required versus manual transplantation

4.       Even growth of the plant and effective tillering

5.       Easier to receive sunshine for the plant to get a uniform field


Ideal for the independent farmer.

Usually 6-7 laborers are required to transplant 2 acres of paddy in one day. Now with PADDY PANTHER 14 the farmer can transplant one acre in 2-2.5 hours with a transplanting speed of 0.7 m/s and a total efficiency of 3-4 acres per day, making the work swifter and easier.



Introductory price of this super machine is 590,000 LKR. If you have any quires please contact Chandra Bandara on 0776 634 162 or Amal on 0773 501 147.


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