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Lighting Solutions


We have been adding value to the best engineered brands since 1939.


At office, accuracy and efficiency at work are crucial and therefore the visual comfort provided by lighting plays an important role. In an apartment building, the nature of the lights creates a welcoming environment. Whatever the type of building, the DIMO Lighting Team are experts on delivering the best solution available.

DIMO’s exclusive line of natural and healthy lighting creates a pleasing, colorful, and color balanced atmosphere that has been shown to enhance people’s sense of comfort and well-being in any building environment. The significance of effective lighting in the workplace and in buildings is still seriously underestimated. Proper lighting enables people to work more efficiently in offices and conference rooms, boosts concentration and improves motivation. Our lighting solutions promotes a colorful, glare free surrounding that helps people work more efficiently and with no eye strain.

Our Energy Audit Team can offer a diagnostic energy audit and thereafter implement cost effective measures to make your office more comfortable, reduce your monthly utility bills and cut energy waste. Our past customers include the Taj Samudra Hotel, Colombo and Crescat Residencies, Colombo.