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Lighting Solutions


We have been adding value to the best engineered brands since 1939.


DIMO has opened the most modern lighting studio designed to demonstrate various modern concepts in lighting, technical demonstrations and visual mood selection rather than having ordinary product displays.

A thorough understanding of lighting fundamentals is essential for top decision-makers who are evaluating lighting options and upgrades. DIMO Lighting Studio has been developed to fulfill that need. The lighting concepts visualized include color washing, edge lighting, up lighting, spot lighting, feature lighting, signage lighting and application specific lighting. The technologies displayed include color dynamics of LEDs and controlling methods, LED retrofit lighting, fluorescent lamps and electronic control gears, compact florescent lamps, halogen lamps, discharge lamps and fiber optics. The fundamentals of lighting such as color temperature and color rendering are also explained and displayed in detail. The studio has added a new dimension to the creativity process of virtually allowing them to “play” with light and equipment before deciding on their requirement.