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Lighting Solutions


We have been adding value to the best engineered brands since 1939.


Our team specializes in the illumination of buildings, outdoor areas and even sacred sites such as churches and temples to create a functional and visually appealing site for everyone to gaze upon and appreciate.

To meet the elegant aesthetic needs of its audiences, in approaching the perfect solution, DIMO considers the initial cost, the on-going operating costs, the appearance and the energy efficiency of our lighting packages to ensure it fulfils both your specific needs and the needs of the people. In contemporary and traditional styles, DIMO is able to give you a solution that goes beyond your expectations. DIMO’s past projects include introducing a flood lighting system for the Jetawavana stupa of the sacred Atamasthana in Anuradapura and the Kandy City Center lighting in which specific locally made fixtures were used to compliment the carefully selected OSRAM bulbs.