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Lighting Solutions


We have been adding value to the best engineered brands since 1939.


Based on our years of experience with all types and levels of sports applications, DIMO Lighting Solutions utilizes the latest software in-order to introduce a concept with our array of products to present our customers with an ideal solution. From the car park to the pitch, DIMO is able to light the way.

The quality of the lighting installation is one of the main factors that determine the quality of a sports venue. Dark spots and unacceptable glare can be avoided through good design resulting in focused players and happy spectators.

There are a number of factors to consider for any sports venue including media and television coverage of the grounds, the neighboring areas, operating systems, the intensity balanced with efficiency of the lights, etc. The different type of sports or stadium purpose also needs to be considered. Examples of our project experience for different sports venues include solutions provided for the Hilton Colombo and Singhalese Sports Club Tennis Courts and the International Cricket Stadiums, R.Premadasa and Pallekelle in Colombo and Kandy respectively.