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Playing under lights at the R. Premadasa Stadium was what we were after and we were heartened by what we encountered

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Neuro-trauma unit National Hospital, Colombo

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Building Management Sri Lanka Customs Building

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SL Customs Building

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SL Customs Building

Building Management & Lighting | Colombo 1

Sri Lanka Customs is a key state organization established in 1806 with its main functions centered on enforcing social protection laws of the country while facilitating the trade transactions, contributing to the national development drive. As its offices had been scattered in different buildings and trade has been on the increase, the Government decided to invest Rs. 7 billion (over USD 54 million) for a new central headquarters built near the Charmer’s jetty in Colombo Fort with one side bordering the famous Beira Lake.

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Sri Lanka Customs Building

The new Headquarters Building for Sri Lanka Customs was earmarked to be an ultra-modern building facility equipped with a state-of-the-art Building Management System and a sprawling aluminum façade and glass curtain wall. The building was designed to be 52 meters tall of 13 floors with a total area of 400,000 square feet with basement parking facilities and on top of the building there would be a communication tower of 25 meters height. A special laboratory is also included inside the new building to test samples of shipments.

DIMO was awarded the task of providing the total solutions for the entire building in lighting, building management system, pump systems, fire detection and security systems. Gondolas were also supplied to maintain the aesthetics of the façade of the entire building.

The Solution

Building technology with its integrated disciplines such as building automation, fire safety, security, lighting, and low-voltage power distribution is indispensable and forms the heart of a Total Building Solution. DIMO with its long time partner, Siemens approached the project by effectively coordinating each discipline thus making the Custom Headquarters safer, more comfortable, more economical, and more efficient.

Building Management

Access controlling, IP based CCTV monitoring, Intelligent Fire Detection, Car Park Management and fully integrated Building Management Systems are some of the key systems that was Designed, Supplied, Installed, Tested and Commissioned by DIMO. The products used for the building were manufactured by world renowned, Siemens and Axis.

Lighting Solution

The lighting solution implemented by DIMO with globally recognized brands of RZB and Osram is designed to enhance the office environment by improving lighting quality whilst saving energy, improving occupant comfort, overall satisfaction and therefore productivity of over 2,000 employees. Each floor was recreated on an advanced lighting simulation program to determine the best product, position and lux level to suit the illumination levels required. The products used from RZB were the Econ Hibrid, which integrate modern LED technology into fluorescent lighting to cater both decorative lighting and general lighting. Eye friendly white light forms a duet with the frame around the active colored light thus creating a dynamic sensory experience that promotes a sense of well being. A Fiber Optic system was installed in the restaurant on the 11th floor. It covers the entire ceiling with 1,400 numbers of end lit fibers. A special lighting column system was tailor made for the restaurant. Its dynamic lighting features are attributed to the OSRAM DALI control system integrated into it. Siteco provided their proven product range of Monsun for high temperature applications in the generator room. The major portion of control gears incorporated in fluorescent and compact florescent light fixtures were sourced from Vossloh-Schwabe.

Fluid Management

Four sets of Booster stations with each set consisting of 5 pumps from the renowned leader in Fluid Technology, KSB was used for the drinking water supply, the water treatment system and fire system (hydrant and sprinkler). This is by far the largest set of booster stations provided for any high-rise building in Sri Lanka. Submersible pumps were provided for the sewerage, rainwater and water supply system as well. DIMO Fluid Management Systems undertook the complete installation of all KSB products including the testing and commissioning.

The project was completed as per the set schedule and guidelines imposed by the consultant for the entire project.

Contact Details
Ms. Sarani Wijerathne - Lighting Projects T +94-773-124-835 Mr. Samantha Gunawardana - Building Management T+94-772-107-648 Mr. Milinda Wickramasinghe - Gondolas T+94-777-766-455

The Client

Sri Lanka Customs

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