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Playing under lights at the R. Premadasa Stadium was what we were after and we were heartened by what we encountered

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Neuro-trauma unit National Hospital, Colombo

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National Hospital

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National Hospital

Medical Engineering Solutions | Colombo 10

First established in 1964 with only a 100 beds, the National Hospital of Colombo has expanded with over 3,300 beds and treats over 2.25 million Sri Lankan citizens a year. It has grown into a fully fledged state-of-the-art centre of healthcare consisting of 75 wards, 35 operating theatres and 12 intensive care units. It is the main training centre for undergraduates and post-graduate trainees of the Faculty of Medicine.

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About the Project

In 2011, a dedicated Neuro-trauma unit was opened at the National Hospital. The 300-bed super-specialty tertiary-care facility is one of Asia's most advanced neurosurgical units constructed, with a special focus on neurotrauma, neurology, and neurosurgery. The eight-storey, 175,000 square feet building constructed at a cost of Rs 2.8 billion (USD 23.5 million) accommodates 6 ultra-modern Operation Theaters, 66 ICU beds (33 each for neurosurgery and neurotrauma), 43 HDU beds, 37 Spinal Ward beds, 53 Head Injury beds and 46 neurosurgery beds.

In a bid to introduce only the latest and most advanced equipment for the new Neuro-trauma unit, DIMO was contracted to provide a total solution for their scanning and diagnostic facilities as well as for the new network system and finally, surgical microscopes for the unit’s neurosurgery applications.

The Solution

DIMO Medical Solutions, based on their expertise and world-renowned range of products proposed the Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto 1.5 Tesla MRI Scanner, Siemens 16 Slice CT Scanner Emotion 16, Siemens PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System, Siemens C-Arm Arcadis Orbics System and the Zeiss Pentero Microscope Systems to achieve the Neuro-trauma unit’s ambitious requirements.

The Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto 1.5 Tesla MRI Scanner is ideal for general scanning purposes and to provide diffusion imaging assistance for neurological examinations in the Unit. The system’s spatial resolution capability has enabled the hospital to offer quick and high quality brain scans. The system is powered by Siemens Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology designed to increase flexibility, speed and accuracy. The Avanto is the first Siemens system to fully incorporate Tim technology, the first whole body surface coil concept, and features a host of advanced applications with Siemens new T-class and I-class generation MRI systems designed to advance clinical and workflow capabilities.

For the new facility DIMO, also introduced the Somatom Emotion 16 by Siemens with a 16-slice configuration. It consists of a 70 cm aperture and a 50 cm scan field. It has a patient table that can hold patients up-to 200 kilograms. The Somatom Emotion 16 offers reconstruction on the fly with up-to 16 images per second. Some of the main features of the CT scanner are its wide range of clinical applications; it’s fast and efficient rotation time of 0.6s and its Multi-slice UFC™ Detector. It is one of the most efficient and cost effective Siemens CT scanners available and is ideally suited for the Unit.

The Siemens ARCADIS Orbics C-Arm features a truly isocentric design that helps enable time and dose savings by eliminating readjustments, especially for examinations involving several different projections. The 190° orbital movement enables virtually unrestricted setting options for any projection which may be required. The machine’s high safety and precision during an intervention ensures the quality of surgical work essential in the specialized field of neurology. It helps not only the patient, who will be spared from pain and further interventions, but also reduces overall costs for the Neuro-trauma Unit.

The Siemens PACS system was integrated into the Neuro-trauma Unit with 2 main servers and client servers for the purpose of store and archiving of medical imaging data. This system was designed to facilitate the process of patient evaluation and prioritization of treatment. Clinical staff members of the National Hospital can experience an improvement in their daily workflows when using the Siemens’ PACS system. Consulting clinicians and radiologists will be able to share information even if they are working in different hospital locations. Similarly, considerable cost savings will be realised through reduced clerical and transport time. The software’s well-developed, role-based portals apply to the individual requirements of each user and therefore, supply him or her with exactly the functions needed in the respective situation.

The Zeiss Pentero is a surgical microscope designed by surgeons for surgeons. It unites state-of-the-art technology in a compact, innovative and brilliant design. Carl Zeiss has combined performance, effectiveness and ergonomics to create a microscope that raises spine neurosurgery to a new level. OPMI Pentero is the first surgical microscope to address modern demands on digital video technology: recording, editing, adding comments and archiving application videos. New functions such as the AutoBalance system or the AutoDrapeTM vacuum system for fast and easy draping, enable OPMI Pentero to meet all the requirements of the pre-surgical workflow of the Neuro-trauma Unit.

DIMO Medical Solutions with Siemens engineers were contracted to plan and design the operating theatres as well as install, test and commission all the Siemens and Zeiss systems introduced. After its successful completion in 2011, it became one of the largest projects ever undertaken by the team.

As with all MRI and CT Scanners provided by Siemens and installed by DIMO, the MAGNETOM Skyra is connected to the Siemens Global Support Center. Here the machine is monitored on a continuous basis for any possible malfunctioning (pre-warning of device failure). DIMO also signed with the National Hospital a maintenance contract to ensure optimal performance of all its equipment.


DIMO Medical Solutions experienced and well-trained staff enabled them to undertake every aspect of the project within the given time period. Through consistent consultations with the physicians and staff, a complete solution was provided which went beyond the expectations of the National Hospital.

Mr.Mr. Wijith Pushpawela- Medical Solutions T +94-773 404333

The Client

National Hospital - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's national hospital

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