The Stadium Lighting Projects R.Premadasa & Pallakale Stadiums

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Playing under lights at the R. Premadasa Stadium was what we were after and we were heartened by what we encountered

- Mahela Jayawardene-
Sri Lanka Cricket Captain

Neuro-trauma unit National Hospital, Colombo

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Building Management Sri Lanka Customs Building

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Draeger Polaris to light up Operating Theatres

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Draeger Polaris to light up Operating Theatres

| Ministry of Health

Draeger Polaris to light up Operating Theatres


In the operating room, the right illumination is essential for success. The all new Polaris 100/200 surgical illumination systems provide cool light with natural colors and rich-contrast for thousands of hours of carefree operation without straining on your hospital's budget. LEDs are highly efficient light sources for surgical applications. Dräger has now combined the advantages of this innovative light source with a new, extremely compact, lightweight yet robust design that includes individual lens reflectors for enhanced output and shadow control. Even the little heat produced by the LEDs is regulated and dissipated by an integrated Thermal Management System. DIMO’s Medical Engineering Department supplied 45 numbers of Draeger Polaris 100/200 Operating Theatre lights to Ministry of Health recently. The operating theatre lights are to be installed at twenty two hospitals islandwide. This was the very first time that DIMO sold a mass quantity of operating theatre lights without a single reference point. The total value of the order was above Euro 300,000/-. The Polaris 100/200 surgical illumination system is an economical, high-performance solution for your daily surgical routine. This workhorse is designed for years of carefree operation and minimal maintenance.

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