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Playing under lights at the R. Premadasa Stadium was what we were after and we were heartened by what we encountered

- Mahela Jayawardene-
Sri Lanka Cricket Captain

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Power Solutions | Colombo

Colombo City, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, is fast developing into one of the main commercial hubs of South East Asia. The Electricity sector is considered extremely important amongst business and industrial sectors as well as Sri Lankan society at large. The difficulties faced by the Sri Lankan Electricity sector in the past have become a national issue. In-order to provide a reliable and uninterrupted electricity supply to the people of Colombo, in 2008 the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) decided to upgrade its infrastructure facilities.

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About the Project

DIMO and its partner, Siemens are proud to have undertaken the implementation of the SCADA/DMS (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/Distribution Management System) electricity distribution control center and the adaptation work required for over 200 substations.

The Solution

The scope of the CCEDD Project has been subdivided into four packages of which Package C and D were awarded to DIMO. Package C consisted of the Construction and Rehabilitation of an 11 kV Distribution System in Colombo. Under this package, DIMO and Siemens scope of work included the augmentation of a 33/11kV substation, supply, installation and commissioning of 390 air insulated Medium Voltage switchgear bays, 40 Compact substations, 50 Ring main units and 72 Low voltage distribution switchgear (from their manufacturing facilities in Germany and India) and the supply and laying of over 200 kilometers of cables.

The scope of work consisted of the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the following:

  • 11kV cables: approximately 130 km
  • 11kV/0.4 kV Compact Distribution Substations: approximately 100 Nos.
  • Low Voltage cables: approximately 40 km
  • Feeder Pillars: approximately 200 Nos.
  • Augmentation of Primary Substation "H" (33/11 kV, 2x16MVA to 33/11kV, 3x16MVA, including the required 33 kV and 11kV transformer control panels and 11kV outgoing panels)
  • 11kV Switchgear panels at Primary and Distribution Substations: approximately 474 Nos. (Most of these panels need to be linked with the proposed Distribution Control Centre under Package-D)
  • 11kV Ring Main Units: approximately 50 Nos. (Most of these RMUs needed to be linked with the proposed Distribution Control Centre under Package-D)

Package D of the project consisted of the establishment of a SCADA System including construction of the Distribution Control Centre. DIMO undertook the design, supply, erection and commissioning of the electrical and electronic work involved. DIMO Power Solutions also delivered a SCADA system for the load dispatch centre equipped with Siemens’ state-of-the-art Sinaut Spectrum control system. This system will gather data from over 200 substations and connect them to a centralized distribution control center providing real time information at a single point for effective monitor and control of the power network. The scope of work consisted of the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the following:

    • A SCADA/Distribution Automation System (SCADA/DAS) including complete hardware & software packages for SCADA/DAS and Distribution Management System (DMS) functionality, Control Centre (including building) and data communication systems (fibre optic, communication cables, power line carrier, radio systems, fixed wireless and mobile phone system. etc) to the remote stations.
    • Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) at Grid and Primary Substations, approximately 10 Nos.
    • Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) at selected circuit breaker operated Distribution Substations, approximately 100 Nos.
    • Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) at selected Ring Main Unit operated distribution substations, approximately 50 Nos.
    • Communication system for SCADA including communication facilities to link up with the Transmission System Control centre.

Furthermore, DIMO and Siemens trained technical personnel of the CEB to ensure that regular power supply is maintained during the implementation of the network conversion project.


This is the first time in Sri Lankan history that the CEB has introduced a SCADA/DMS technology for Colombo in-order to control and supervise their network of substations. The completion of the proposed modern distribution control centre with remote control facilities will dramatically reduce the time taken by the breakdown crews in repairing power failures. The operation staff of the distribution control centre would be able to isolate the faulty sections of the system and restore the electricity supply to healthy parts of the system thereby reducing any inconvenience caused to consumers. As the faulty section can be easily identified, the fault can be repaired in minimal time.

All-in-all, this system will ensure that the over 600,000 inhabitants living in the city, which covers an area of more than 37 square kilometers on the west coast of Sri Lanka, will have a reliable and consistent supply of energy for the future.

Wijith Pushpawela T T +11 4621617

The Client

Ceylon Electricity Board

The national authority for power generation and distribution in Sri Lanka

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