The Stadium Lighting Projects R.Premadasa & Pallakale Stadiums

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Playing under lights at the R. Premadasa Stadium was what we were after and we were heartened by what we encountered

- Mahela Jayawardene-
Sri Lanka Cricket Captain

Neuro-trauma unit National Hospital, Colombo

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Building Management Sri Lanka Customs Building

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Advanced healthcare solution

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Advanced healthcare solution

Medical Solutions | Lady Ridgeway Hospital

Lady Ridgeway Hospital (LRH) is the largest public free of charge Pediatric Hospital serving as the national referral center for pediatric care for Sri Lanka. The hospital has 864 beds treating all children below 12 years of age from across the country.  To deliver excellent MR images for its patients, the 1.5 Tesla state-of-the-art Siemens MAGNETOM® ESSENZA was installed by DIMO’s Medical Solutions team. The MRI provides high-quality radiology services on a daily basis with Tim+Dot making it easier, faster, and more efficient to produce the highest consistent image quality. From head to toe, more standard and advanced applications than ever before to broaden the clinical scope for the hospital is available.    Excellent contrast and resolution with age dependent protocols using ultra-fast and motion correction techniques is an integral part of the machine. DIMO’s engineers undertook the design of the RF cabin, installing, testing and commissioning of the MRI which is supported by the 24-hour after sales services that is unique to DIMO Medical Solutions.

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The Client

Lady Ridgeway Hospital

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