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Playing under lights at the R. Premadasa Stadium was what we were after and we were heartened by what we encountered

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Bosch Service Center

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Bosch Service Center

Lighting Solution | Colombo 14

In 2012, DIMO introduced to Sri Lanka one of the largest Bosch Service Centers in South Asia. It is unique in that it accommodates the Bosch Diesel Center and Bosch Car Center under one roof. With more than 15,000 BOSCH Service Centers in more than 145 countries across the globe, it is part of the largest independent workshop organization in the world. The state-of-the-art complex, equipped with world-renowned machinery in partnership with BOSCH of Germany also includes the latest complex devices to handle all types of diesel injector pumps.

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About the Project

The Company has spent over Rs.400 million (approximately USD 3.1 million) to set-up the environmental friendly service centre that conforms to the U.S. Green Building Council LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The introduction of these standards for buildings inevitably result in substantial long-term benefits such as increased productivity of people working from the resulting healthier ventilation, temperature control, lighting control, and reduced indoor air pollution.

Precision and efficiency of the work carried out by the Service Center is primarily attributed to the lighting aesthetics of the premises. With the introduction of the Service Center, DIMO spared no expense in introducing a system that would meet this requirement and the specific criteria of LEED in-order to qualify under the “Gold” category.

The Solution

DIMO Lighting Solutions approached the project by considering the lighting for the workshop and the office area separately. With the specific project scope in mind and using the in-house LEED consultancy services, DIMO Lighting Solutions were able to propose and simulate a lighting solution using the latest software available that met all the set specifications. The DIMO Lighting team in the design of the building also developed the means of utilizing natural sunlight in-order to minimize electrical consumption costs.

RZB PASCALA LED down-lights which have an exceptionally high light output ratio of 90% was used for the reception area. The innovative manufacturing process of the reflector of PASCALA makes this fixture extra special by the light accentuated at the reflector edge. SONIS recessed luminaries with energy efficient T5 lamps were used for the interior offices, visitors’ rooms, the main board room and training rooms. The lux levels for the functional areas are maintained at 250 lux. Decorative cove lighting for the reception area was done with flexile LED strips from Vossloh-Schwabe.

The work bays of the service area uses Osram Dulux T/E 26W CFL bulbs in pairs of three with fittings from RZB to provide a general lighting level of 200 lux. All the bays are provided with hand held luminaries with energy saving CFLs to provide task lighting effectively and effectively. Task lighting for work benches are provided with T5 luminaries fitted onto the bench.

In addition, two-post hoists from Hoffmann DC3200 from DIMO’s Storage & Material Handling were installed in all of the 14 work bays of the service bay area.


The Bosch Service Center has become one of the most significant landmarks by being the first service center to comply with LEED regulations. The lighting solution provided by the experienced and professional engineers showcased the team’s flexibility and innovative product range to cater to the consultant’s work scope and any deviations that arose as the stages of construction progressed.

Ms. Sarani Wijetunge - Project Head T +94 – 773-124-835 Mr. Thilina Senadheera - LEEDS Building Consultant T+94 – 773-451-052

The Client

Bosch Service Centre

Lighting project for the Bosch Service Centre launched in Colombo.

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