The Stadium Lighting Projects R.Premadasa & Pallakale Stadiums

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Playing under lights at the R. Premadasa Stadium was what we were after and we were heartened by what we encountered

- Mahela Jayawardene-
Sri Lanka Cricket Captain

Neuro-trauma unit National Hospital, Colombo

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Building Management Sri Lanka Customs Building

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Sri Lanka Railways

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Sri Lanka Railways

Sri Lanka Railways. | Kosgama

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About the Project

Siemens and DIMO installed a one-of-a-kind Electronic Railway Crossing Signaling System with Sri Lanka Railways. This is essentially an audio visual pilot level crossing system for road traffic which acts as a warning system for vehicles that cross over the railway tracks.


This new automated signaling system with its own power source is installed at the crossing at Kosgama-Kadugoda road in Kosgama. The sensors on either side of the track 1.5 kilometers from the crossing triggers the light and audible signaling on either side of the road when the train   crosses it. The appropriate safety            precautions can then be taken at the crossing to ensure pedestrian safety.


The system also allows for manual override in case of an emergency and has an integrated SIL 3 fail safety     system to ensure a lesser chance of failure on demand. Several more systems will likely be introduced across on completion of the pilot phase of the project.

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The Client

Sri Lanka Railways

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