The Stadium Lighting Projects R.Premadasa & Pallakale Stadiums

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Playing under lights at the R. Premadasa Stadium was what we were after and we were heartened by what we encountered

- Mahela Jayawardene-
Sri Lanka Cricket Captain

Neuro-trauma unit National Hospital, Colombo

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Building Management Sri Lanka Customs Building

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Sri Lanka Telecom

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Sri Lanka Telecom

Storage | Colombo

“DIMO handled every aspect of the project from A to Z including all the civil work involved”, said Mr. Balasuriyage Wimalasena, Head of Stores Centre – SLT. “From the floor re-construction to the lighting system, DIMO was able to provide a total solution”.

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About the Project

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the country’s leading telecommunications provider has taken a giant leap forward in their vision to become the hub of telecommunications in South Asia. Realizing that the SLT Logistics Centre principal warehouse was in need of a change, SLT approached DIMO for a total solution. DIMO used the finest brands in their design and installation of the SLT warehouse including SSI Schaefer for the racking system, Komatsu for the provision of electric forklifts and a reach-truck, Siemens for the warehouse’s security systems and fire alarms, and OSRAM, Davis and Vossloh Schwabe for their complete lighting system.

The Solution

After initial assessments of the warehouses by the DIMO Team, identifying the different products and the number of different locations that the offices used in their logistic process, DIMO conceptualized a proposal to have all their stock, offices and even their inspection site under one roof.

SLTs’ need for a systematic warehouse solution was fulfilled with the introduction of a selective racking system for their palletized cargo together with a Long Span shelving system with SSI Schaefer for SLT’s telecommunication accessories, mezzanine for furniture fittings etc. This contributed to SLT Logistics being able to save office space of up-to 168 square meters and 4,868 square meters in warehouse space.

A unique solution was introduced in-which the power consumption of 38 high bay lamps were reduced by the utilization of daylight with a skylight fixtures. DIMO also arranged for training of the SLT employees in Germany and Malaysia to effectively learn how to use the new warehouse management system that was installed while obtaining a first-hand look at the operational flow of a modern warehouse.


Goods that previously filled up four warehouses were brought down to two by the introduction of the DIMO Location Based Storage System (LBSS). Instead of customers having to stop at several places for all their transactions, DIMO’s proposal effectively brought it down to just one location. This resulted in a considerable improvement in operational lead-time and more importantly, customer satisfaction.

Ms. Sarani Wijetunge - Lighting Solutions T +94 – 773-124-835 Mr. Samantha Gunawardena - Building Management Solutions T+94-772-107-648 Mr. Milinda Wickramasinghe - Storage & Material Handling Solutions T +94-777-766-455

The Client

Sri Lanka Telecom

Premier Telecom Service provider in Sri Lanka

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