DIMO at Ceylon Motor Show 2017

Monday, January 30th, 2017

Ceylon Motor Show 2017 was held from 27th – 29th January at BMICH with DIMO taking part with the most number of stalls at Sri Lanka’s Premier Motor Show. Brands represented included Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars, Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles, Jeep, TATA Passenger Cars, TATA Commercial Vehicles and DIMO Tyres. Each stall attracted a large number of automobile enthusiasts, and the entire Motor Show in general had a bigger crowd than expected.

Mercedes-Benz, Jeep and Tata Passenger Vehicles had competitions on multiple Social Media platforms where the public were encouraged to share photographs/selfies taken at the exhibition.  Tata Passenger Vehicles had a separate GenX Nano Automatik car dedicated for the public to place their autographs on, which created a substantial engagement with the brand.   On 29th Mercedes-Benz Passenger vehicles stall gave away free posters to mark the birth of the automobile – which happened exactly 131 years ago on 29th January 1886.

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