The Colombo Jazz and Blues Festival

Monday, February 8th, 2016

The Colombo Jazz and Blues Festival organized by Mainstage Events was held on the 7th February from 12 noon onwards  at the Galle Face Hotel – Mercedes-Benz and DIMO partnered the festival as the co-sponsor.  The festival featured a host of international and local artists including blues legend Jimmy Thomas, Jerome Speldewinde and Geoffrey Fernando of Purple Rain fame and South Africa’s Rock and Blues queen, Sannie Fox. The Galle Face Hotel was converted into a glamorous festival atmosphere with the main stage, picnic areas, lounge seating and corporate VIP enclosures. The participants were exposed to food and beverage delights that included a sunset seafood barbeque, fish and chips counters, an oyster and champagne bar and a wine tasting lounge. Mercedes-Benz had its own Corporate VIP enclosures for the guests who were entertained with sumptuous food and a wide range of beverages served across the day. The guests enjoyed the gastronomical delights, the spectacular Jazz and Blues music and the company of each other.

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