Mercedes-Benz – No 1 amongst the world’s most valuable premium brands

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

According to the latest Interbrand report Mercedes-Benz is the world’s #1 premium brand with a brand valuation of US$ 34,338 million and an increase of 8% over the previous year. Mercedes-Benz has moved in to the top 10 brands globally with the top spot on the list occupied by Apple followed by Google, Coca Cola, IBM and Microsoft. Other luxury automobile brands are placed on the list in the  following order: BMW (11) Audi (45) Porsche (60) and Land Rover (91)

Following is the extract from the 2014 Interbrand report:

Mercedes-Benz, Germany’s automotive pioneer, has revitalized itself with new models and fresh expressions of its brand, resulting in a record 14 percent increase in sales. Sales rose 9.5 percent in the U.S. (Mercedes-Benz’s largest market), demand has been revived in Europe, and the brand is closing in on competitors in China. Continuing to provide the comfort, performance, and safety consumers have come to expect from the brand, while also offering dramatic styling and innovative new features, it’s no wonder Mercedes-Benz’s models still captivate.

Demand for the flagship luxury S-Class line has surged 60 percent, and its E-Class models, CLA-Class Coupe, and GLA-Class SUV shook up the entry-level luxury market by attracting younger consumers. The timeless appeal of the Mercedes brand, currently summed up by its tagline “The best or nothing,” is seductive the world over and appeals to drivers of all ages.

But the brand also owes much of its recent success to continual innovation and its commitment to debuting new products and services. (Mercedes-Benz plans to roll out 30 new models by 2020.) In addition to updating product design, Mercedes has made positive contributions to clean mobility with emissions-reducing technology (BlueTEC) and an intelligent energy management system for hybrid vehicles (Intelligent Hybrid).

The brand has also raised the bar when it comes to delivering premium customer experiences, with its “Mercedes me” campaign. It bundles benefits and services like “Move me,” “Connect me,” and “Assist me” on one digital platform. This strategic move to create a personalized world around the owner/driver demonstrates that Mercedes understands today’s complex experience-based economy and is well positioned to create a Mecosystem around each customer. With a strong customer-experience strategy, a world-leading position, contributions to clean mobility, and innovations like an experimental self-driving car in development, Mercedes-Benz appears to have a clear vision of its future, and is moving purposefully toward it.

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