DIMO Recently Hosted the Top Architects

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

DIMO recently hosted the top architects, consultants, engineers at Cinnamon Grand to present the latest developments taking place around the world in lighting.
DIMO promotes its lighting solutions under DIMO LIGHTING and consists of the world’s best engineered brands such as Osram, Siteco, Vossloh Schwabe, Siemens and the latest to join the DIMO portfolio – RZB (Rudolf Zimmermann, Bamberg GmbH) from Germany. The event was themed “DIMO LIGHTING: LIGHTING THE FUTURE” and consisted of three captivating presentations by principals from RZB, Vossloh Schwabe and Siemens.

Commenting on the event Architect Anura Sri Ratnavibushana mentioned “This informative event was extremely useful for me as it updated my awareness of modern lighting, presented by experts from the principals of world renowned German brands”.

The first presentation was done by Mr. Pascal Rinckenberger (International Sales Director – RZB) and Mr. Peter Holzinger (Head of Sales Asia Pacific Australia-RZB) which consisted of a detailed presentation of RZB luminaries and how human emotions and moods and even productivity can be manipulated and complemented by the correct lighting. It addressed the entire spectrum of the capabilities of LED lighting and how it can affect our lifestyles in the future.
The second presentation was done by Mr. Nicolas Stehle (General Manager Asia-Vossloh Schwabe) and Mr. Garry Tan (Regional Sales Manager- Vossloh Schwabe) on electrical and electronic components for the lighting industry from VS. It also spoke about how VS plans to support the future requirements of LED lighting.

The third presentation was done by Sachin Shahane (Territory Manager-Siemens India) on building technologies and how Siemens plans to support the requirements in the future. Moreover DIMO Lighting constructed a special dummy room to lit and demonstrate the latest equipment from RZB, and Vossloh Schwabe. This event was well attended by the leading architects in Sri Lanka.

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