Kumho Tires from DIMO, plans to increase its market share

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Kumho Tires was ranked as the No.1 brand in the passenger car tire category for the 7th consecutive year in Korea’s Customer Satisfaction Index in 2012. Kumho is one of the top ten tire manufactures in the world, producing nearly 60 million tires a year in plants across Korea, China and Vietnam.

Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO) is the authorized importer and distributor for Kumho Tires in Sri Lanka and has made plans to increase its market share primarily focusing on safety, comfort and the prolonged mileage. These proven  factors has enabled Kumho to be used as Original Equipment (OE) tires in brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Kia, Hyundai and Volkswagen.

The construction technology of the Kumho Tire is what has enabled it to have this competitive advantage. The high performance tread compound used in the tire improves driving and braking forces and wet driving performance. The advanced belt package design for high speed performance features high tensile steel belts and joint less nylon Cap Ply. Furthermore an ultra-hard filler of special rubber is inserted inside the apex to increase high speed stability and lateral grip under cornering. And the bead wire consists of a special material and structure for high load capacity and blocking vibrations from the road.

All this is possible at Kumho due to its commitment to R&D, where three centers across three continents work on improving the tire every single day, with the main R&D centre in Birmingham UK.

The pedigree of Kumho Tires lives up to its capabilities. Only the best tires can lay claim to the highest authority. Kumho has served as the official tire supplier to the world’s largest car race – F3 Euro Series since 2003. Kumho Tires is also the partnering tire of “Masters of F3”. Kumho Tires have continuously supplied tires to “Masters of F3” event for eight years earning itself recognition and respect from numerous teams and helping several drivers on their way to F1 success such as Sebestian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, and Nico Rosberg.

In addition, Kumho Tires delivered a podium position at the opening leg of the Formula Drift Asia Series at the Marine Bay F1 Circuit in downtown Singapore. Having proven themselves at International Motor Racing events and partnering top class drivers and automobile brands, Kumho Tires is leveraging the same technology and expertise to develop tires for passenger cars and SUVs. The experience and feedback which Kumho gets from motor racing greatly contributes to the continuous development of passenger and SUV tires.

With the above proven capabilities and the technical expertise behind Kumho Tires, DIMO plans to increase the market share by creating awareness of Kumho Tires and its key competitive advantages. Since Kumho is still considered new to Sri Lanka by many car owners, DIMO plans to run several communication campaigns to establish the fact that is a proven tire worldwide.

DIMO is renowned to represent only the best engineered brands in the world, and the selection of Kumho to be marketed in Sri Lanka compliments that. Hence, if you are an automobile enthusiast or a car lover who understands the importance of a good tire brand that delivers traction and control, and how much your car’s performance depends on the grip it, you may need to switch to Kumho Tires from DIMO to change your drive.

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