DIMO partners Deyata Kirula and a series of illustrious exhibitions

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

DIMO partnered the Deyata Kirula 2012 Exhibition as the Automobile sponsor, which was held from 4th February to 12th February at Oyamaduwa, Anuradhapura. DIMO displayed their world’s best engineered brands at the exhibition in an attractive stall spanning approximately 4000 square feet. The DIMO stall was placed prominently near the main entrance, next to Ministry of Airport and Aviation and opposite Special Task Force. The general public was able to witness the latest range of TATA Commercial Vehicles, TATA Passenger Cars, Mahindra Tractors, Claas Combine Harvesters, Osram lights, MRF tyres and TATA Commercial Genuine spares.

The DIMO stall displayed the latest “DIMO Batti” which was launched recently, which caught the attention of many visitors from rural areas. The new range of colorful TATA Nano cars was also on display. In addition, on a special request from the Ministry of Sports, DIMO supplied two brand new TATA Winger Air-conditioned Vans to transport VIP’s within the exhibition premises from 2nd to 12th of February 2012. Hence, apart from being the Automobile sponsor of the exhibition, DIMO was also the sole sponsor of VIP Transportation at the exhibition. The entire event was a great success with DIMO receiving more than 250 TATA product related inquiries from the exhibition.

Deyata Kirula sponsorship concluded a series of illustrious sponsorships that DIMO undertook during the 2011/2012 financial year.

DIMO was the main sponsor of the Jaffna International Trade Fair 2012 (JITF) which was held at the Thurayappah Stadium from 20th to 22nd of January 2012. This exhibition was organized for the third consecutive year and is the largest exhibition that is held in Jaffna every year. DIMO displayed their world class brand portfolio at this exhibition including Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development Douglas Devananda inaugurated the trade fair and with the participation of Mayor Yogeswari Patkunarajah, Government Agent Imelda Sukumar, FCCISL President Kumara Mallimaratchi and Council General of India V. Mahalingam.

DIMO was the main sponsor of the Murunkan-Mannar 2011 – Agriculture, Livestock Technology and Machinery Exhibition which was held from 12-13th November 2011 and organized by Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL), Mannar District Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The entire event was supported by European Union and Oxfam. Mannar Agriculture, Livestock, Technology and Machinery Exhibition is the first such event to be hosted in Mannar, providing a unique platform to the farming community in the district to explore new opportunities available to advance their traditional agriculture and animal rearing practices.

DIMO participated at the Batticaloa International Trade Exhibition 2011 (BITE) as the Main Sponsor, which was held from 7th-9th October 2011 at the Weber Stadium Batticaloa. Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa opened the Trade Exhibition while the event was organized by Lanka Exhibitions and Conference Services, in partnership with the Batticaloa District Chamber of Commerce under the guidance of the National Enterprise Development Authority, an arm of the Ministry of Trade and Commerce with the objective of further improving the living standards of the people in the district by introducing modern technology.

DIMO co sponsored the first ever grand scale exhibition to happen in Trincomalee after the liberation of the North – East Expo 2011, which was held from 23rd-25th September 2011 at the McHeyzer Stadium and the adjoining grounds. Hon. Basil Rajapaksa Minister of Economic Development declared open the exhibition and it was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Industries and Fisheries of the Northern Province. This event was very important for DIMO, since plans are already underway to open a branch in Trincomalee by mid of 2012.

DIMO identifies these key events as important engagement points to create brand awareness, promote products and solutions and to study the needs of different customers to customize packaged solutions. Such events allow DIMO to get closer to the rural masses and create the first impression about the organization, which is very important considering the vast portfolio of world class brands that DIMO have to offer. Moreover these active participations enable DIMO with their ongoing network expansion plans by establishing positive public acceptance in rural areas.

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