DIMO supports Meth Seva Foundation, Handapanagala yet again.

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

A BIG THANK YOU to the DIMO Tribe for supporting with donations towards the mentally and physically handicapped children at Meth Seva Foundation, Handapanagala.

We were able to handover food items, a large quantity of soap (kids and adults), washing powder, tooth paste, tooth brushes and detergent. In addition we also handed over more than 60 pieces of new and used clothes to the children.

All the above were collected through the kind support of DIMO Tribe, by way of money, dry rations, clothes and other items. The donations were handed over to the Meth Seva Foundation on 16th March 2014 by the Corporate Communications Team of DIMO. The Director of the foundation thanked DIMO immensely for the kind support extended, which started with the construction of a play area for the kids.

“If you are regretting things in your life, take a look at these children – to see how fortunate you are”

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