“Lassana Hetak” – A beautiful tomorrow

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

At the United Nations Convention on the “Rights of the Child” (CRC) adopted by the United Nations general assembly in 1989, the key right of a child is education. The purpose of a child’s education is to “develop his/her personality, talents and mental and physical abilities to the fullest. Education should also prepare them to live responsibly and peacefully in a free society, fostering respect for basic human rights, their own cultural and national values as well as those of others”.

In 2010, DIMO launched on World’s Children’s Day the “Lassana Hetak” initiative with the vision of assisting students of schools across Sri Lanka speak English proficiently and confidently. It started with the selection of Wijeya Kumaranatunge Vidyalaya in Rathnapura comprising of 400 students with the aim of having every student speak fluent English by 2012. The TATA Team of DIMO funded the entire project which included preparing the curriculum and conducting training for the teachers along with the British Council.

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