DIMO Batta – Kept its Promise

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Meegodadeniya is a small village in Padukka, of which the key businesses is manufacturing furniture and distributing them all over the country. One of the key reasons behind the success of their business is that they use DIMO Batta vehicles to transport furniture from which they earn higher profit margins as their operating expenses for transportation is low. There are over 500 vehicles in this village.

One of the key issue the vehicle owners faced is the maximum height of the canopy body. The regulated canopy body height is 2250mm and for this height they could not transport any furniture, more than 6ft high. This hindered the opportunities they had, to grow their business. They brought up this issue when they met Mr Ranjith Pandithage when he came for the service campaign which was conducted on the 08th of July 2013. Mr Pandithage promised that he would solve this matter. Taking this challenge, the TATA team of DIMO with the assistance of TATA Motors and the University of Moratuwa was able to submit a report to the Department of Motor Traffic who has now given the permission to increase the canopy body to a height of 2650mm. This will surely help the entrepreneurs to transport furniture which are more than 6ft high.

A special ceremony was held at Meegodadeniya on the 12th of November 2013 to announce this news of the new regulation amendment.  Mr Ranjith Pandithage, Mr Vijitha Bandara, Mr Nalinda Kurukulasooriya, Rajiv Jaiswal (TATA MOTORS LIMITED), H.Q.I. of Meegodadeniya Police Station, Mr Sampath Kumarasinghe, Mr  Kushantha Sahajeewa, Mr Jeevantha Ranatunga, Mr Gunasekar Arunachalam (TATA MOTORS LIMITED) and Mr Ravin Perera participated for this event. A special speech of appreciation was conducted by Mr Venura Pradeep appreciating the efforts of DIMO to get the clearance from Department of Motor Traffic.

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