Daimler to host Regional Mercedes-Benz After-Sales Conference at DIMO800

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Daimler AG., the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz has selected the new Mercedes-Benz Center in Sri Lanka – ‘DIMO800’ to have their 2014 After Sales Conference. Heads of After-Sales Service facilities in countries from the region such as Singapore, Philippines, Nepal, Laos, Brunei, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Tahiti etc. will be taking part in this two day conference to be held from 19th – 20th November 2014.

The objective of this annual conference for After-Sales Service Heads of Mercedes-Benz is to discuss, share best practices from each other and to gain a current overview of the after sales operations. This will also allow the participants to get insights from the Daimler AG representatives from Germany of the new network development strategies, parts logistics operations, new accessories and collection items and after sales activities and strategies to further strengthen the already unmatched after sales services offered by Daimler AG.  Generally Daimler AG has been hosting all their After-Sales conferences at 5-star hotels around the world.  This most probably is the first instance where it is being held at a Mercedes-Benz Center, which reiterates the importance and recognition placed by Daimler AG, on DIMO and the newly built ‘DIMO800 – Mercedes-Benz Centre of Excellence’.  The participants will also be hosted at ‘Nuga Gama’ and ‘Tropical Hut’ at the Mt Lavinia Beach during each evening to enjoy the Sri Lankan cuisines and beverages.

Press release:

Mercedes-Benz After Sales Conference Successfully Concludes at DIMO800

The Mercedes-Benz After Sales Conference recently came to a successful completion at the new Mercedes-Benz Center in Colombo. Mercedes-Benz Service Heads from fifteen countries took part at this event, apart from the delegation from Sri Lanka.

This was the first instance Daimler has chosen a location which is not a 5 star hotel for this annually recurring After Sales Conference. Many months before the event, a team from Daimler came to inspect the venue and check the feasibility of hosting the conference at DIMO800. The DIMO800 auditorium where the conference was held came under strict scrutiny – it was compared against the best standards available at Europe.

The participants were accommodated at Cinnamon Lakeside and two 22-seater Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans transported them between several venues during three days.

The two day program was started and hosted by Mr Alex Chen (General Manager – After Sales GD Markets S&SEA, South Pacific – Daimler AG) where his opening words were “What a room!, what a venue!”. Mr Ranjith Pandithage (Chairman-DIMO) in his opening speech thanked Daimler for their selection and trust placed in DIMO and the DIMO800 venue. He assured the participants that the best infrastructure and hospitality is available for them, at their disposal during the event. He went on to mention that this is not only recognition for DIMO, but even for our little island.

At the end of the conference on day two, participants shared their thoughts and each one of them resonated the same sentiments about Sri Lankan hospitality, impeccable care and service by DIMO, the state and nature of DIM800 and the detail into which the entire event was planned. The Service Head from Singapore mentioned that he had been involved with Mercedes-Benz Service close to two decades, and that this conference was the best ever. He had been surprised with the warmth and hospitality of Sri Lankans and equally with how the entire event was organized and how each individual was looked after. He went on to say that the DIMO800 is definitely among the top 3 Mercedes-Benz Centers around the world. Most of the participants were visiting Sri Lanka for the first time, and their experience was such that, several of them extended their stay in the country after day one. They took time off to explore Colombo and other famous tourist attractions.

The Mercedes-Benz Service Team of DIMO made special efforts to provide the participants with a memorable experience. Each participant received a customized Sri Lankan shirt branded with the three pointed star from Odel, a delicious and specially made chocolate gift box from Gerard Mendis Chocolatiers, a customized Colombo guide and a Sri Lanka guide. All participants were surprised to receive a framed group photo of the conference at the end of the day two. Moreover, two classic Mercedes-Benz cars were parked inside the auditorium during the conference, next to the participants. This added a lot of color and liveliness to the conference.

With the next conference set be held at a 5-star hotel in Brunei, Mr Alex Chen mentioned that the bar has been raised quite high by DIMO and it was going to be difficult for others to match it. And as the After-Sales conference came to an end making it a memorable one, probably the best ever – DIMO made history with Daimler and in Sri Lanka. DIMO and Sri Lanka have now made a marque with Daimler.


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