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Around Sri Lanka in One Tank with VITO Challenge

December 1, 2017

Mercedes-Benz together with Top Gear took the challenge of completing a journey around the Island on Mercedes-Benz VITO with only one full tank of fuel without refueling. Achieving a truly outstanding milestone in mileage, Mercedes-Benz and BBC Top Gear Sri Lanka announced the successful completion of this Challenge recently. As the name implies, task was to journey around the country in a VITO with one full tank of fuel, touching key tourist destinations. We are glad to announce that we were able to complete the challenge with one full tank of fuel without refueling. For the campaign we tied-up with Top Gear and Cinnamon, in order to maintain the transparency and to send the message across to the tourism sector. Leading the charge around the island was BBC Top Gear Sri Lanka’s Sam Smith, an accomplished driver and passionate motoring enthusiast who put the Mercedes-Benz VITO through its paces throughout the long journey.

Starting from DIMO Mercedes-Benz Showroom in Colombo, Smith travelled south along the coast to Yala on Day 1 where drivers were treated to a brief but memorable stay at Cinnamon Wild having achieved a fuel economy of 18.5 km per litre. Thereafter, the VITO moved back up along the East coast crossing scenic coastal cities at Arugam Bay where the VITO was welcomed at Trinco Blu by Cinnamon with an average of 19.45km/l economy totaling 718km before setting a course for the tall palms of Jaffna on the third and final day of the road trip with the longest and the most challenging day ahead of them.

Completing this impossible journey with an average fuel efficiency of 20.8 km per litre, the Around Sri Lanka in One Tank with VITO challenge effectively cemented the van as easily the most fuel-efficient vehicle available in the local market! The main objective of this campaign was to emphasize its fuel economy and performance.