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Jaffna International Trade Fair 2017

January 31, 2017

DIMO recently took part in the 8th “Jaffna International Trade Fair 2017 (JITF)” which was held at Jaffna Municipal Council Grounds from 27th – 29th January 2017. TATA Commercial Vehicles, TATA Passenger Vehicles, DIMO Automobile Training School (DATS) and DIMO Tyre Department took part at this exhibition.

DIMO at Ceylon Motor Show 2017

January 30, 2017

Ceylon Motor Show 2017 was held from 27th – 29th January at BMICH with DIMO taking part with the most number of stalls at Sri Lanka’s Premier Motor Show. Brands represented included Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars, Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles, Jeep, TATA Passenger Cars, TATA Commercial Vehicles and DIMO Tyres. Each stall attracted a large number of automobile enthusiasts, and the entire Motor Show in general had a bigger crowd than expected.

Mercedes-Benz, Jeep and Tata Passenger Vehicles had competitions on multiple Social Media platforms where the public were encouraged to share photographs/selfies taken at the exhibition.  Tata Passenger Vehicles had a separate GenX Nano Automatik car dedicated for the public to place their autographs on, which created a substantial engagement with the brand.   On 29th Mercedes-Benz Passenger vehicles stall gave away free posters to mark the birth of the automobile – which happened exactly 131 years ago on 29th January 1886.

Tata GenX Nano Conquer Colombo 2017

“Tata GenX Nano Conquer Colombo is Colombo’s very own amazing race that spans across Colombo and comprehends a wide spectrum of activities, both challenging and entertaining.  It was designed to test the strength, endurance, teamwork and strategic thinking but had examined the knowledge of this beautiful city within a limited time frame”. In line with the concept of the event, DIMO tagged along with the organizers as the “Title Sponsor” for “Tata GenX Nano Conquer Colombo” providing a much excited experience to the participants. The objective of this activity was to reach the Youth Target Group and get them engaged in exploring the test drive experience of the Tata GenX Nano Automatik in terms of healthy brand building in Sri Lankan Market.

Along with the title sponsorship, an exclusive challenge was designed called the “Tata GenX Nano Test Drive Challenge” where the participants were directed to the Lake House Car Park through a clue sheet. Two obstacle tracks were arranged in such a way taking advantage of the Tata GenX Nano’s “Lowest Turning Radius” to drive the car in between the cones in a  Zig-Zag direction and ending up in a shape of a number 8. The objective of this challenge was to provide a unique test drive experience to the participants, giving them a feeling of a smooth drive with sharp turns especially showcasing the ease of driving in traffic. Connecting engagement on Digital Platforms, the participants were required to finish the test drive, take a group selfie and post in the “Tata GenX Nano Test Drive Challenge” event page on Facebook along with a Test Drive Review expressing the Test Drive Experience. A total of 150 test drives and 130 facebook posts were gathered during the day. The opening & closing ceremonies were held at Nelum Pokuna.