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An inspiring reinvention of the coupé The all new 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS

October 25, 2011

With the CLS, Mercedes-Benz created a new vehicle category in 2003 which for the first time combined the elegance and dynamism of a coupé with the comfort and functionality of a saloon. The customers were delighted, the competition taken aback: for many years the CLS remained the only four-door coupé in its class and since October 2004 it has been the car of choice for some 170,000 buyers around the globe.

DIMO is excited to introduce the second generation CLS-Class (C218) to Sri Lanka. It is expected to continue the leading position in the four-door coupe segment with its unique design, extensive technology, and equipment innovations. The new CLS appeals to a very discerning target group looking for an extravagant vehicle as a sign of success, good taste and individuality. The new CLS combines compelling, scintillating design with exclusivity and sportiness. The pronounced exterior conveys more prestige and dominance thanks to the elongated front end with its dominant radiator grille, the classic coupe side line with its dynamic lines and the muscular rear end with its wide shoulder line.

The interior of the CLS-Class is exclusive and spacious, with high quality look and feel. Characteristic features include the high beltline which generates an impression of exceptional security in the interior. Compared with the earlier CLS model, there is more shoulder room (+21mm in front, +13mm in rear) and more elbow room (+8mm in front, +21mm in rear). Special highlights in the interior include high quality instrument cluster with three white-backed dials for the first time with central 10.9cm TFT display for full color images, ambient lighting in three colors (Neutral, Solar, Polar) can be individually selected via the multifunction steering wheel and an analogue clock with the three pointed star in the centre console.

The CLS is the first vehicle from Mercedes-Benz to have frameless, all-aluminum doors. These are made from deep-drawn aluminum panels with extruded sections, and in comparison with conventional steel doors, are some 24 kilograms lighter. Apart from the doors, the bonnet, front wings, boot lid, parcel shelf, various support profiles and substantial parts of the suspension and engines are all made of aluminum.

Aerodynamics plays an important part in the outstanding efficiency of the Mercedes-Benz CLS with a Cd value of 0.26, which has been improved by 13 percent. The CLS is the first passenger car in the world to offer LED High Performance headlamps, which combine the exciting color elements of LED technology – Bi-xenon headlamps are standard in the CLS-Class, while LED high-performance headlamps are optional.

The headlamps, with their 71 LED lamps in total, look exciting; and they serve to underline the unmistakable appearance of the CLS. There are further arguments for the LED-based lighting technology: the average operating life of an LED is around 10,000 hours, around five times longer than that of a xenon light; moreover, LED headlamps most closely approximate to the color of daylight. This means that LED light is in keeping with the normal human perception patterns and that the driver experiences significantly more brightness on the road at night.

Features available in the new CLS-Class for the first time include Active Parking Assist, the Driving Assistance Plus package with Active Blind Spot and Lane Keeping Assist, the Lane Tracking Package, Night View Assist Plus, Speed Limit Assist and a reversing camera plus ATTENTION ASSIST as standard equipment.

The new CLS is a perfect example for the claim “The best or nothing”, for it not only thrills with its emotional exterior form – its interior, too, which has been created with perfect craftsmanship, will set car-lovers’ hearts beating faster. The art of design is to create something extraordinary. With its stylish, refined sportiness the new CLS makes a clear statement about the intended – sensual – design idiom for Mercedes-Benz in the future.

The new CLS is exclusively available from Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO), the authorized distributor for Mercedes-Benz in Sri Lanka from Rs. 24.2m + vat onwards.

Mercedes-Benz is the most valuable premium automotive brand!

October 23, 2011

Mercedes-Benz continues to be regarded as the world’s most valuable premium automotive brand. In the latest ranking by respected brand consultancy Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux, ‘Best Global Brands 2011’, the three-pointed star brand again took twelfth place – as it did last year – and is therefore the most valuable European brand. Its brand equity has risen to US$ 27.455 billion, an increase of 9 percent compared to 2010. Mercedes-Benz’s brand equity has therefore risen continuously since 2009.
The study’s authors attribute this success to customer satisfaction with the brand, which is higher than that of all other automotive brands. What’s more, the model initiative launched two years ago is enabling Mercedes-Benz to successfully respond to the market’s demand for ground-breaking, sustainable transport solutions.
Coca-Cola, IBM and Microsoft occupied the first three places respectively. Mercedes-Benz was placed 12th overall, while BMW was 15th, Volkswagen was 47th, Audi was 59th and Ferrari was 99th. Interbrand conducts the ‘Best Global Brands’ study every year. Leading CEOs regard it as the benchmark for measuring the value of international brands. The study identifies the 100 most valuable brands in the world.
Interbrand further states – “Mercedes-Benz firmly staked out its territory atop the premium automobile category with its new tagline, “The Best or Nothing,” successfully tying its long heritage of excellence in engineering, performance, styling, and safety to its 125th birthday. Mercedes outranks all other automotive brands in terms of customer loyalty and satisfaction. With its new model rollout, Mercedes has responded to a market that is quickly evolving in favor of green technologies. Half of the product line is available with its BlueEfficiency package, and it’s Daimler “Car2Go” car-sharing mobility concept recently launched. Mercedes-Benz also continues to partner with Tesla on lithium-ion battery packs, and it received a 2010 German Sustainability Award for its Atego BlueTec Hybrid truck”.
Interbrand’s method looks at the ongoing investment and management of the brand as a business asset. This means their method takes into account all the many ways in which a brand touches and benefits its organization – from attracting and retaining talent to delivering on customer expectations. The final value can then be used to guide brand management, so businesses can make better, more informed decisions. There are three key aspects that contribute to the assessment: the financial performance of the branded products or services, the role of brand in the purchase decision process, and the strength of the brand.
Mercedes-Benz is represented by Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO), the only authorized agent in Sri Lanka. DIMO has been representing Mercedes-Benz for more than 7 decades and boasts of the most modern state-of-the-art service and repair facility for automobiles in the country.

DIMO opens the most modern Lighting Studio in Sri Lanka

October 10, 2011

DIMO recently opened the most modern lighting demonstration studio in Sri Lanka at No. 50, Jetawana Road, Colombo 14. This state-of-the-art studio will demonstrate various modern concepts in lighting, technical demonstrations and visual mood selection rather than ordinary product displays.

Improvements in lighting quality can yield high dividends for businesses. Gains in worker productivity may result by providing corrected light levels with reduced glare. In retail spaces, attractive and comfortable lighting designs can attract clientele and enhance sales.

A thorough understanding of lighting fundamentals is essential for top decision-makers who are evaluating lighting options and upgrades. DIMO Lighting Studio has been developed to fulfill that need. The lighting concepts visualized include color washing, cove lighting, up lighting, spot lighting, feature lighting, signage lighting and application specific lighting. The technologies displayed include color dynamics of LEDs and controlling methods, LED retrofit lighting, fluorescent lamps and electronic control gears, compact florescent lamps, halogen Lamps, discharge lamps and fiber Optics. The fundamentals of lighting which are color temperature and color rendering are also explained and displayed in detail in the studio.

The effects of light on human beings are many and varied, and not all the effects are fully known. They go far beyond the simple process of recognizing objects. Light gives rise to moods and emotions and affects our biological rhythms. Recent studies have shown however that there is another dimension to light, namely its considerable influence over our well-being.

Mr. Channa Weerawardena (Director-DIMO) commenting on the DIMO Lighting Studio “This will add a new dimension to the creativity process of architects and interior designers in Sri Lanka. This allows them to virtually “play” with light and equipment before deciding on their requirement.”

DIMO Lighting team consists of a top team of engineers and lighting specialists who are trained in Germany by world class principals. Not only are they exposed to the best technologies and innovations in the world, they also have access to the latest software which allows you to simulate situations.

The DIMO Lighting Studio is powered by the world’s best engineered lighting brands – Osram, Siteco, Vossloh Schwabe, Siemens, RZB and Davis. This studio will mainly cater to architects, contractors, constructors, facility managers, maintenance engineers and anybody else who has as interest in lighting, including university students. Interested individuals and organizations who are keen to experience the Lighting Studio can contact manager of DIMO Lighting, Damith Meegahage on 0773184632 to make an appointment to visit the studio.

DIMO lighting studio is capable of providing you the expertise on selection of appropriate lighting for your applications. The service offered extends to design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of energy efficient lighting systems. They also provide the energy management analysis, energy audits services to have most efficient electrical installations at your factory or building. Few recent milestone projects of DIMO lighting would be the flood lighting systems at two main international cricket stadiums at Pallekele and Kettarama, Custom Headquarters Building and Aitken Spence Main Administration Building.

DIMO is catering the replacement lamp requirements of most of the high rise buildings in Colombo and hotel chains around the country by having a ready stock of energy efficient fluorescents, LED , halogens, discharge lamps , electronic control gears etc.