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Lighting Solutions for ITUM

July 12, 2017

ITUM stands to be a dynamic technological institute affiliated with University of Moratuwa. This institute actively contributes to the educational, economical and social advancement of Sri Lankan community.

The project featured the auditorium as the master piece of ITUM to facilitate lighting control system from Jung GmbH (Germany) and lighting fixtures from RZB GmbH (Germany) for general lighting and decorative lighting applications. The supplied lighting fixtures consists with 95 units of recessed downlights, 15 units of surface mounted DALI dimmable lights, LED strips. The lighting control system that offers a modern control mechanism is made up with power supply units, DALI dimming actuators, switching actuators along with pushbuttons and touch panels that operate on the KNX protocol.

The lighting control system is developed to maintain scene based controlling from master control room and stage itself. The lighting level is varied in between 0 to 350 lux based on the activity being performed and the level of seating occupancy.

DIMO is in progress with the project installations at ITUM premises to open the newly built auditorium for University students by being in hand with International Construction Consortium (Pvt) Ltd for the project completion.

DIMO provides lighting solutions for NSBM Green University.

May 23, 2017

Diesel and Motor Engineering PLC has been the Lighting Solutions provider for NSBM Green University in year 2016.The project proudly featured an educational institute, including lecture hall facilities, laboratories, libraries , Study areas , dormitories and the gymnasium to facilitate  interior lighting Solutions. Specific exterior lighting solutions were installed to enhance the aesthetics  of the picturesque landscape areas including the walking pathways and corridors.

The facilitated LED based lighting solutions of DIMO has met the performance in energy conservation to support the project concept of making the institute green  . The savings have been recorded in an improvement level with better effects between 40% to 50% in specific lighting applications .

DIMO’s Modern Lighting Solutions at Cargill’s Food City, Kandana

February 3, 2017

Kandana Cargills Food City project is another step forward of DIMO Lighting Solutions to bring its professionalism of design and supply for the leading super market chain in Sri Lanka.

The speciality of the project was introducing “supermarket specialized lighting” with a concept of stepping towards right light level. For this, LED linear lighting system has been introduced as a custom made lighting solution from the brands of Trilux-Oktalite (Germany) & RZB (Germany).

More than ever before, ambiance of the supermarket outlet now has been uplifted in their history of change from conventional fluorescent tubes and luminaires to a high efficient LED Linear Lighting system with a remark to their endeavours of Cargill’s Food City Super Market chain.