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DIMO Learning Institutes

The objectives of the DIMO Technical Institute

The objectives of the DIMO Technical Institute (DTI) is to empower youth with valuable skills by providing theoretical and practical education in automotive driving, agricultural equipment & construction machinery handling, maintenance & repair as well as a number of engineering streams thereby enhancing the employability of Sri Lankans in the local and global job market.

As part of the Naa Sevena Community Development Project, the DIMO Technical Institute will be the first one of its kind and is envisioned to be the hub of education and training in Sri Lanka. The DTI will employ classroom and practical training methodologies through a world–class curriculum designed by DIMO and our respective Principals. 


The DTI will deliver a range of vocational and technical educational courses As the Institute grows, it will also provide other technical training courses and programs including entry and bridging courses, language and literary courses, basic education courses, secondary certificate programs, small business courses and personal enrichment courses. 

A Professional and Beginner’s course will be offered for each class of vehicle. 

  • The Professional courses will be targeted towards people who already have a license or have experience with a particular type of machinery. It will enhance their knowledge, skills and attitude thereby becoming professionally qualified drivers and operators of equipment.
  • The Beginner’s course will be targeted towards people without a license or any formal training. All the trainees who complete the training program for Passenger and Commercial Vehicles will be directed to the standardized driving test at the R.M.V. The course will provide people with the formal training required to gain the confidence to be skilled drivers.

All the training programs will be designed to reflect real Sri Lankan conditions. 

DIMO Automobile Training School

DIMO has always recognized the need to impart quality technical training to our customers, dealers and staff as we believe the success of a company lies in the skill and competence of its people.

With DATS, you will not be left behind in the competitive world of automobile technology. Our training program is of the highest caliber with a fully-equipped, modern training centre located in Weliweriya. The programme is conducted in-conjunction with the pioneering organization that brings you the future of the automobile, Daimler AG of Germany, the Principal of Mercedes-Benz.

DATS is registered with the Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission. The DATS syllabus is accredited with NVQ Certificate level IV.


Whether you are finishing school, have been out of school for a few years, or interested in being re-trained, DATS will give you the skills you need to launch a rewarding career in the automotive industry.


In 1990, The DIMO Automobile Training School (DATS) was established in collaboration with Daimler AG, Germany to develop a course of international standards. The school became the first and largest one of its kind in the private sector to offer an automotive technological education as a social service to Sri Lanka. More than 500 students have graduated from our school with exceptional skills to utilise in the growing global automotive industry. In 2009, in celebration of our 20th anniversary, DATS introduced its courses in Jaffna in the new branch established in the liberated war torn area.


  •  By combining our technical and instructive competence with our long-standing experience in Germany, we cover the complete training spectrum needed for automotive technology training.
  •  The programme features over 70% hands-on training at our state-of-the-art workshops.
  •  Links are maintained with professional institutions to source candidates and to improve professional knowledge.


DATS provides outstanding training to 16 students every year without any charge or obligation on their part. During training, you will receive subsidised meals, uniforms and footwear at the company’s cost. Company medical facilities and insurance coverage are provided free of charge as well.


The two-year course exposes you to Mercedes-Benz, Bosch and Japanese vehicle maintenance, electrical as well as electronic technology. Individual and group-based projects and competitive examinations are designed to keep you challenged and motivated.

You also stand the opportunity to visit our principals in Germany through our student exchange programme to be exposed to first-hand learning experiences in an international working environment.


Our training school also conducts City & Guilds courses in Motor Vehicle Engineering offering both certificate and diploma levels. The 6 month certificate courses are conducted twice a year starting in January with the 1 year diploma course classes also beginning in the month.

Our training school also conducts City & Guilds courses in Motor Vehicle Engineering offering both certificate and diploma levels. The 6 month certificate courses are conducted twice a year starting in January with the 1 year diploma course classes also beginning in the month.


DATS graduates are some of the most sought after candidates in the automotive industry in Sri Lanka as well as internationally. On the completion of their two-year course DATS trainees are considered for positions at DIMO, depending on the vacancies available. Our past graduates have gone onto work in many well-known companies in Sri Lanka, the Middle East, U.S, Australia, New Zealand and many more.


By joining our programme, you will be training alongside experienced and friendly personnel in a professional yet extremely lively environment. In addition, you will be part of everything our family is involved in.


To apply, all you have to do is send a CV with a cover letter expressing your interest in our programme. Applications are accepted all year round with processing carried out in February. Shortlisted candidates are then called for an aptitude test followed by a practical test which will lead to an interview. The semester begins in May. 


  • G.C.E O` level with 6 credits including English & Mathematics.
  • G.C.E A` level with two subjects in the science stream.
  • Below 22 years at the application closing date.
  • DATS is open to both male and female candidates

Please send all applications to: