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DIMO Adhisathkara

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DIMO Adhisathkara

You need an engine that pulls with strength, uses fuel efficiently and provides the reliability you need. Our specifically created brand for just these services signifies our dedication to achieve just this for you or your business to succeed. DIMO Adhisathkara is the only engine rebuilder in Sri Lanka certified with ISO 9001/14000 and AERA USA membership.


Our machining is done in accordance with the highest quality standards in the industry using precision machines. Our professionally trained technicians take great care to produce quality machine work. Our services are devised for any make or brand of internal combustion engines of industrial machinery or cars, buses, dual purpose vehicles, trucks, prime movers, tractors, forklifts, heavy machinery, marine engines and railway engines regardless of size or capacity.


DIMO Adhisathkara services of trusted excellence are well known in Sri Lanka. It doesn't matter how old or worn-out your engine is, we offer you the option of having a poorly running oil guzzling engine overhauled to deliver a whole new level of performance. On completion of the job and the engine is installed, the fuel, ignition system and cooling systems are checked to be certain everything is in optimal operating condition.

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