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DIMO Na Sevana Technical institute

DIMO Na Sevana Technical institute


With more than 12 years of expertise in providing professional state of the art training, we have established “DIMO Na Sevana Technical Institute” at Sooriyawewa, which is the first of its kind and is envisioned to be the hub of education and training in Sri Lanka. The objectives of the DIMO Na Sevana Technical Institute (DNTI) is to provide theoretical and practical education in automotive driving & construction machinery handling, maintenance & repairs, as well as a number of engineering streams thereby enhancing the employability of Sri Lankans in the local and global job market.


The DNTI will employ classroom and practical training methodologies through a world–class curriculum designed in collaboration with the University of Moratuwa. 


The DNTI will deliver a range of vocational and technical educational courses. As the Institute grows, it will also provide other technical training courses and programs including entry and bridging courses, language and literary courses, basic education courses, secondary certificate programs, small business courses and personal enrichment courses. 


Light & Commercial Vehicle Training



Training Room Facilities


Training with Practical


Driving Simulator


Learning Road ways