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Training & Orientation

At DIMO, we recognise that learning is a competitive advantage, and we are committed to helping our people reach the peak of their capabilities.

From the moment you accept our “offer of employment”, you become a part of the DIMO Tribe. To reflect this, your orientation starts well before your first day in office. All our new Tribe members attend our ‘Day One Orientation’, a company-wide program designed to enlighten them about our culture, history, business principles and core values. After that, they will get the opportunity to visit our workplace sites and take part in training programs which covers an array of topics.

Our internal training and development function offers courses to help you at each stage of your career. Programs vary from leadership development, products and market training and professional skills. Leading experts from within and outside the company conduct the programs in any one of our specially allocated training centres.

Knowledge sharing plays a vital role in our continuous learning process. As overseas training opportunities are given to many of our employees on a regular basis to gain product knowledge and to improve soft skills, we encourage them to share their knowledge with other members of the DIMO Tribe.