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“Having a workplace that attracts and supports diversity benefits both our customers as well as our employees”

Diversity is about all of us. It is the combination of each person’s unique qualities, abilities, traits, backgrounds and styles that they bring to the world. At DIMO, this is the basis of our workplace culture. We respect one another as individuals and value the different perspectives each person brings to the table. We are convinced it is our diversity of thought, culture and business style that defines us as one of the most sought out companies to work for.

Creating a diverse and inclusive environment is not merely a top-priority, corporate-wide initiative — it is a critical component to the continued success of both our company and our people. To achieve this means that our workforce must represent the voices of all people, and that these voices speak in harmony to our customers, shareholders and employees. This type of synergy can only come together in an environment where people respect, value and support one another.

One of the best ways we've found to provide excellent customer service is by ensuring we reflect the opinions of the communities we serve. Having a workplace that attracts and supports diversity benefits both our customers and our employees.
DIMO is an equal opportunity employer, committed to recruiting, hiring and promoting qualified people of all backgrounds, regardless of sex; race; religion; age; marital status; pregnancy; physical, mental or sensory disability; sexual orientation; gender identity or any other basis protected by the law. Each of our employees has the opportunity to reach their potential and contribute to the success of our company.