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People create success, which is why we go to great lengths to attract, inspire and reward creativity and talent.

True to its nature, the leaders of the DIMO Tribe are quite fastidious about the welfare of its members. The DIMO medical scheme that is granted to our Tribe can probably considered as the best in the country offering free, unlimited medical services to its employees whenever they choose to obtain it.

DIMO also believes that knowledge is power and is thereby ever ready to do the needful in providing educational incentives for its employees, constantly pushing them to earn the educational qualifications that they require to soar above others in this competitive market. DIMO offers a generous compensation scheme which at times goes beyond expectations.

Working at DIMO is quite a rewarding experience. Work itself is enjoyable as DIMO has made sure to keep employees well engaged providing challenging tasks. The performance of employees is constantly monitored, recognised and rewarded for their contribution at every possible opportunity. DIMO ensures mind blowing rewards in store for these aspiring individuals, willing to go the extra mile to prove their true worth to the company. In addition to job satisfaction, it is customary for all employees to assemble on “DIMO day” held once a year, to discuss the strategic direction of the company, goals and future plans of individual businesses, thereby keeping Tribe members informed about where the company is headed and what it strives to achieve, thus actively engaging everyone in its managerial functions. In addition to that, every year employees get together on New Year, Christmas, Sports meet and religious ceremonies with their families who are also beneficiaries of the many benefits bestowed upon by DIMO.